Flood Insurance

Protection Against the Elements

Flood insurance is an important part of any homeowner’s insurance policy. It can help you rebuild your home and belongings if they are damaged by a flood. One important thing to note about flood insurance is that your coverage can be delayed by up to 30 days from the signing of your policy, so don’t wait for a storm warning to purchase coverage.

Understanding the Basics

Things to keep in mind regarding flood insurance:

– Treat flood insurance like any other type of insurance (e.g., theft, fire, water damage) and keep it current.

– You will probably need flood insurance if your home is in an area where it floods often.

– If you live in a high-risk area, you may be required to carry flood insurance by your mortgage lender.

– When preparing to buy a home, always ask about the availability of flood insurance.

Let The Sadtler Team Help

Our agents are well versed in flood coverage, and we’re here to help you find a policy that will keep you protected while fitting into your budget. To find out more about flood insurance, call us today.

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