Boat Insurance

The Importance of Boat Insurance

Boat insurance can provide coverage for both the boat and the boat owner’s liability. The types of losses that can be covered include damage to the boat, equipment and contents, as well as medical expenses and lost wages if you or others are injured while using the boat.

Liability coverage can also help protect you financially if you’re sued for damages caused by your boat.

Facts About Boat Insurance

In the U.S., a boat is defined as “a vessel that uses an outboard motor or an inboard engine for primary propulsion.” This includes jet skis, sailboats, canoes, kayaks and inflatable rafts.

This type of insurance covers boats used primarily for recreational purposes, such as pleasure boating or fishing, and typically doesn’t include vessels used for business purposes, such as fishing boats or tour boats.

Regardless of which kind of boat insurance you choose, it’s important to read the policy carefully to make sure you understand what’s covered and what’s not.

You should also be familiar with your state’s boating laws, since they can vary from state to state.

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