Commercial Auto Insurance

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Commercial auto insurance covers you for all the risks of owning and using a vehicle in your business, such as injuries to others or damage to their property. It can also provide coverage for your employees who drive as part of their job.

What You Should Know About Commercial Auto Insurance

There are a few important things to know about commercial auto insurance. Firstly, it covers all the vehicles in your business, not just company cars. This includes vans, lorries and other commercial vehicles. Secondly, it provides liability protection for any injuries or damage that your vehicle may cause to others. And finally, it might offer protection for your employees if they are injured or damage another party’s property while driving as part of their job.

Whether you have a fleet of delivery vans or a decal on the side of a pickup truck, commercial auto insurance is a crucial piece of coverage you need to protect your business against financial losses.

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The Sadtler Agency can help you find commercial auto coverage that protects your enterprise and fits into you budget. Contact our experienced team today so we can get started on protecting your business, your vehicles, and your drivers.

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